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What is eLocale?
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What is eLocale?

eLocale is the clear choice in localization for today's interconnected world. With our experience, innovation, and expertise, eLocale will take your new media content into the global realm.


eLocale is a young company, but with over ten years of experience in all facets of translation and localization, we know the industry.

We know translation. We know it because we have been translators and we have worked with translators. As translators, we are familiar with the stringent qualifications required to excel in the field. As a translation company, we know what it takes to manage the translation process effectively, and we know who the best translators are for your target languages and subject matter.

We know localization. As translators, we knew localization before there was even a name for it. As coordinators, engineers, and desktop publishers, we have localized software, online help, hardcopy documentation, and more recently, web sites and multimedia.

Naturally, one learns from experience. We learned that there is always a more efficient way to do things. So we created eLocale with the goal of combining our translation and localization experience with innovative ways to improve processes.


Today's high-tech world is evolving at an astronomical rate. To keep pace with these rapid changes, a company must continually redefine itself through innovation. For a larger, established company this can be very difficult and costly.

eLocale has a distinct advantage. As a young company always focused on the latest innovations in the technology industry, we keep pace and actually help to define the future of localization. By combining the latest technologies and emerging standards in the industry - XML, Java, Unicode, to name a few - with the interconnectivy of the Web we provide our clients with language services that are unparallelled in quality and speed.

But innovation is only the beginning. To provide the best possible language services for our clients, we decided to focus on the localization of a specific type of content - today's new media - and become the experts.


It's not hard to find a localization company these days, and any will happily localize your hardcopy documentation, software, online help, online documentation, etc. The trouble is, each of these requires a specific subset of processes, expertise, and resources. Trying to cover all of these bases can lead to inefficiency and questionable quality.

eLocale has experience in the localization of all of these materials, but we have focused our attention on today's new media, such as web sites and interactive CD-ROMs. This allows us to maintain flexibility and responsiveness to our clients' needs.

Of course, even in the area of new media the rate of innovative change is faster than most can sustain. eLocale is in a unique situation to be able to match this frenetic pace by focusing entirely on the latest developments in the field of new media and forming strategic partnerships with the most innovative new media content developers in the industry.

eLocale services

eLocale provides the following language services for new media:



Before localizing your new media content, there are some questions to answer:

Multilingual: Do you want multiple language versions of your content or a single, multilingual piece?

Content: Has the content been designed for your target international audience, or will they have trouble relating to it, or even find it offensive?

Architecture: Is your web site or multimedia content well-architected to facilitate localization?
eLocale's internationalization service provides you with the tools and expert assistance you need to design your web site or multimedia presentation for your global audience and make the transition from local to global as painless as possible.


Once your single-language content has been internationalized you are ready to move into the global realm. eLocale will take you there, using our innovative, streamlined localization processes.

The following is a simplified list of the localization steps we take on every new project:

  1. Evaluate content - assess the client's content for localizability (Note: this step is only necessary if the content has not previously been internationalized)
  2. Export localizable content - extract all content to be translated into our XML-based data carrier format
  3. Translate - deploy translatable data in the eLocale web-based translation system
  4. Proof translation - deploy translated data in the eLocale web-based translation proofing system
  5. Import localized content - import localized content into client's product framework to produce localized versions of product
  6. Test/verify - systematically test and verify localized content and make any final revisions

We know you will be very pleased with the results of our localization processes as a first-time customer, but as a repeat customer you will be even more pleased by the following additional services we can offer:

  • Glossary creation and maintenance - create and maintain terminology glossaries and translation memories from client's translated content
  • Translation leveraging - leverage translations from previous projects into matching content in current project


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